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Terror in the Capitol Tunnel

On January 6, D.C. Metro and Capitol police assaulted nonviolent protesters with explosive devices, rubber bullets, tear gas, and in some cases, their own fists and batons. A tunnel on the lower west side of the Capitol building became a dangerous—and, likely for at least one protester, deadly—battle scene as police viciously attacked American citizens on the “hallowed” grounds of the U.S. Congress.

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Austria imposes lockdowns on the unvaccinated

The government of Austria announced a sweeping new lockdown that targets the country’s unvaccinated would take effect at midnight on Monday, while those who are fully vaccinated against, or recently recovered from, the Wuhan coronavirus will be exempted.

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Dollars to Donuts

Edward Durr, a truck driver for a furniture company in southern New Jersey, was denied a concealed carry permit despite having a clean record. He decided to run for the state senate, challenging long-time Senate President Democrat Steve Sweeney, famous for running record-setting expensive races.

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