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Dumbing down: Common Core sunk US kids’ test scores

The study found not only lower student achievement since Common Core, but also performed data analysis suggesting students would have done better if Common Core had never existed. The achievement declines also grew worse over time, study coauthor Mengli Song told Chalkbeat, an education news website: “That’s a little troubling.”

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Ilhan Omar allegedly filed fraudulent tax returns linked to marriage to her brother

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) was ordered to pay a $500 civil fine for violating campaign finance law.

Omar had to pay an additional $3,469 fine for improperly used campaign funds.

But the investigation into Ilhan Omar and the findings released by the Minnesota Campaign Finance & Public Disclosure Board reveal something even more serious.

It appears Ilhan Omar may filed fraudulent federal and state tax returns.

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ISIS plotted to send terrorists through US/Mexico border

SIS plotted to smuggle English-speaking terrorists through the Mexican border to carry out a financial attack that would “cripple” the US economy, according to a new report.

Details of the terror group’s failed plan to exploit the southern border emerged in a confession last month from one recruit, Abu Henricki, who ultimately refused to go along with the mission.

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Muslim Brotherhood leaders embrace Democrat activist, Virginia school board candidate

“[O]ur final objective is to create our own Islamic systems, and not only create Islamic systems for Muslims but to look at all the other people who are sharing this country with us as potential Muslims,” she told an Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) convention in a speech televised by C-SPAN. “And if we look at them as potential Muslims, and if we feel that we have the obligation, which Allah has told us, to try and bring them into the same style of thinking and the same way of behaving and the same objectives that we have then we need to have some way to communicating with them, and some way we can work with them.”

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Record low unemployment for workers without college degrees

Unemployment for workers without bachelor’s degrees fell to the lowest rate on record in May, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data released Friday.

The extremely low joblessness for less-educated workers is a sign that the decadelong expansion is benefiting economically vulnerable people and is reaching workers at at the margins of the labor force.

The unemployment rate for workers over the age of 25 without four-year degrees fell to 3.4%, the lowest in records extending back to 1992, just barely beating out the marks set in the dot-com boom. The unemployment figures are adjusted for seasonal variation.

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TDS: Florida woman stabs herself, blames Trump

A Florida woman stabbed herself three times with a kitchen knife and told responding officers that President Trump was to blame.

Officers found the unidentified woman standing outside her home in Palmetto, Fla., bleeding from her hands, legs, and face, according to a partially redacted report obtained by the Smoking Gun.

After being asked what was wrong, the woman responded, “I’m tired of living in Trump’s country, I’m tired of Trump being president.”

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The old white men leading the Democrat Race

According to the Real Clear Politics average of polls, two old white guys, Joe Biden, 76, and Bernie Sanders, 77, are setting the pace and have together corralled more than half of all Democrats.

There is a good chance the party of minorities, Millennials, and women will be led in 2020 by a white man who would be the oldest candidate ever nominated by a major party.

Biden and Bernie may be wheezing, but the old white boys are out in front of the pack.

Add Pete Buttigieg and Beto O’Rourke, running fifth and sixth, and 60 percent of Democrats favor white men for the nomination. Only 20 percent favor one of five women: Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Kirsten Gillibrand, or Tulsi Gabbard.

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Melania Trump: the quintessential female icon.

The left’s double standard over women and immigrants couldn’t be more appalling.

They want to let anyone waltz over the U.S. southern border, and not require them to learn the language or assimilate in any form. In contrast, the First Lady is a multilingual legal immigrant and instead of applauding her intellect and skill the left mocks her for speaking accented english.

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7 surprising facts about D-Day

“I will never forget,” Marie says, “She was hugging a soldier! I could not understand that. For me it was a bad guy. So she called me to come and said, ‘These soldiers are good, they’ve come to save us.’”

To this day, Marie is grateful to that soldier—and to all the veterans who fought to liberate France from the Nazis. “The most important thing for any human being is freedom,” he says. “We cannot forget the 6th of June.”

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The greatest generation: 17 stunning photos from the Normandy Invasion

On June 6, 1944, Allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy in Nazi-occupied France during World War II, forever reshaping the progress of the war and history during the D-Day operation.

Thousands of ships, planes and soldiers from the United States, Britain and Canada surprised Nazi forces.

More than 4,000 Allied soldiers, most of them younger than 20, as well as more than 4,000 German troops died in the invasion. Up to 20,000 French civilians were also reportedly killed in the bombings.

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