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Obama Appointed, Florida Federal Judge creates constitutional right to ballot-harvesting

You don’t have a right to breathe without gagging your mouth, but you do have a right to access mail-in ballots from private third parties indiscriminately mailed to your home. Put another way, government has to accommodate your convenience preferences for voting but can take action against your body and create apartheid for those who don’t engage in medical experiments.

Video: Robert Kennedy Jr. describes the Covid-19 censorship by big government, big tech and big pharma

Robert Kennedy Jr. is an ally in the fight against medical tyranny and by extension he has become a warrior against the global World Economic Forum participants who are attempting to reconstruct all global finance under the auspices of COVID-19 regulation.

Protests rage across Europe as lockdown and vaccination mandates start

Anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine-passport protests erupted across Europe on July 24, according to media photos and videos.

Thousands upon thousands of demonstrators came out in London, Dublin, Paris, Rome, Athens, and other cities across Europe, according to footage and news reports.

Biden administration plans for influx of 117,000 illegal alien youths

Internal documents outline that the Biden administration is planning to integrate 117,000 migrant youths and children in 2021, an exponential increase on previous years.

The information, obtained by Axios, also indicates that shelter facilities are expected to be overrun this month, and that Biden will accelerate the release of migrants into the US to avoid worsening the crisis.

Clown show: San Francisco bans reusable bags to counter Coronavirus

The San Francisco Bay Area is usually ahead of the curve when it comes to implementing environmentally-friendly policies to save the planet. However, city officials banned reusable shopping bags Wednesday as a way to enforce social distancing protocols imposed by the state government to limit the spread of COVID-19.

The reusable bag ban was enforced by the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) under a new social distancing protocol that was published Wednesday, which restricts people from using reusable shopping bags at supermarkets to prevent outside germs from entering.