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California first to be approved for up to $10 Billion bailout from feds to pay unemployment benefits

As politicians argue over whether or not to bailout decades-long bad decisions on the basis of a sudden virus/lockdown-driven drop in revenues, California has stepped up to the plate with what appears to be a direct request for a bailout to fund the benefits for millions of newly-unemployed residents (and illegal immigrants).

Joe Biden would raise taxes by $4 Trillion; 3x more than Hillary Clinton’s 2016 plan

Former Vice President Joe Biden has positioned himself as a “moderate” in the Democratic nomination race, but his tax plan would raise taxes by $4 trillion over a 10-year period, according to an analysis by the liberal Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center.

Illinois loses population for 6th straight year, losing more residents than any state this decade

Illinois’ population decreased in 2019 by an estimated 51,250 people, or 0.4%, marking the sixth consecutive year the state has lost residents, according to new data from the U.S. Census Bureau.
Since the turn of the decade, Illinois has lost more residents than any other state, with a drop of about 159,700 people, or 1.2% of its population.

Bloomberg touts taxing the poor: ‘Do you want to pander to those people?’

Former New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, the latest entry in the Democratic presidential race, has argued in favor of taxing the poor.
As recently as last year, the billionaire media mogul made the case that higher taxes on the poor can force them to make better and healthier life choices.

Feds paid $1 Billion in Social Security benefits to individuals without Social Security numbers

The agency’s inspector general found errors in the government’s documentation for representative payees, otherwise known as individuals who receive retirement or disability payments on behalf of another person who is incapable of managing the benefits themselves.

The audit released Friday found thousands of cases where there was no SSN on file.

Study: 2020 Dem plans could eliminate 413,000 jobs

The tax hikes endorsed by many Democratic presidential candidates will eliminate up to 413,000 jobs, according to a new analysis.

Former vice president Joe Biden, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.), and other 2020 Democratic hopefuls have pledged to reverse President Donald Trump’s 2017 tax cuts and hike corporate tax rates to as high as 35 percent to fund expensive government programs.

Minnesota town forced to raise property taxes in wake of massive immigration overwhelming local schools

Taxpayers in the small town of Worthington, Minnesota hiked taxes to fund an expansion of their school district, since mass immigration has overwhelmed teachers, resources, and classrooms.

This week, Worthington taxpayers voted to approve an additional nearly $34 million in funds to expand the local school district, which has ballooned in class enrollment due to a massive influx of unchecked migration.