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Rep Dina Titus: “I got totally f*cked” by the Nevada Democratic Legislature

At the 33rd special legislative session, The Globe reported that “Everyone hates their maps.” But in a town hall meeting this week with AFL-CIO, Rep. Titus took it one step further. The plain-spoken Congresswoman dropped an f-bomb as she reacted to her new district with anger and contempt. Not only does she hate the maps, she blames her fellow Democratic colleagues for destroying three Democratic congressional seats through legislative redistricting, including her district, CD-1.

New data shows 92,367 mail ballots in Nevada went to wrong addresses–in a single county

Hindsight is 20/20, and now numbers from the 2020 election show how Nevada made a mistake rushing to automatic mail ballots. Dirty voter rolls combined with automatic mail made the 2020 election a mess in Nevada.

Nevada’s vote-by-mail primary stirs concerns as unclaimed ballots pile up: ‘Something stinks here’

Thousands of ballots have been sent out by the Clark County Election Department to inactive voters – those who have not voted in recent elections, a roster that can include people who either have moved or are deceased – and the envelopes are piling up in post office trays, outside apartment complexes and on community bulletin boards in and around Las Vegas.

Democrat operatives, lawyers reach ‘agreement’ with state Democrats to change Nevada voting laws

The agreement in Nevada also applies to the primary only, although similar issues could resurface if the public health crisis persists in the state this fall.

Election officials in Clark County, which includes Las Vegas and is home to 72 percent of the state’s people, announced several changes to make voting easier in the primary — issues raised in a lawsuit also filed just three weeks ago.

Nevada sued over ‘ridiculous, illegal’ ban on COVID drugs touted by Trump

Osteopathic physicians are suing Nevada’s governor and the state’s pharmacy board over their decision to ban the use outside of hospitals of two relatively safe, well-established anti-malarial drugs to treat COVID-19, the disease caused by the CCP virus.

Trump in Battleground Nevada, “Mini Mike has spent $500 M in order to get embarrassed by Pocohantas”

A day before Nevada Democrats make their presidential preferences, President Donald Trump boldly predicted his reelection and the sound defeat of what he described as the Democratic Party’s socialist agenda.