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Rudy nukes Democrats; Ukrainians find misuse of $5.3 Billion in US aid during Obama administration

According to Rudy’s sources — Much of the $5.3 billion in US Aid Ukraine reported as misused was given to the embassy’s favored NGO’s.

At the time Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, witness for the Witchunt, was the Ambassador. That embassy directed the police not to investigate.

Trump’s common sense food stamp rule: If you can work, you can’t collect.

Under the new rule, effective in April of next year, these waivers won’t be granted to areas with unemployment below 6 percent. And states will be far more limited in the geographical configurations they can request waivers for. These are entirely reasonable policies, and well within the range of discretion the statute grants to the executive branch.

Dem’s star impeachment ‘witness’ Noah Feldmann ‘contradicts’ his sworn testimony

Feldman is thus on record twice in 2017 claiming that Trump’s conduct was impeachable.

How does Feldman’s clear and unambiguous language square with his testimony today that, “Until this call on July 25th [2019], I was an impeachment skeptic.”