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Biden administration spending $60 million per week to shelter unaccompanied minors

The Biden administration appears to be spending at least $60 million per week to care for the more than 16,000 migrant teenagers and children in shelters operated by the Department of Health and Human Services, and those costs are expected to rise significantly over the coming months, according to an analysis of government data obtained by The Washington Post.

Border patrol is so overwhelmed that nearly 1000 migrants a day are crossing unpursued

U.S. Border Patrol agents are letting nearly 1,000 illegal aliens cross the border every day unpursued because they are focused on tending to the overwhelming number of unaccompanied minors and migrant families flooding holding centers, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials told the Washington Post on Friday.

CO lawmakers pass bill that gives state housing assistance to illegals

Colorado lawmakers recently passed a bill that would provide state housing assistance to illegal aliens. That bill is headed for Gov. Jared Polis’s desk for his signature Wednesday.

If Polis signs the bill into law, it will eliminate the requirement for people to show paperwork to confirm they are legally in the U.S. to sign up for state housing assistance.

Two dozen republicans urging Biden to re-declare a national emergency at southern border

More than two dozen GOP lawmakers sent a letter to President Joe Biden urging him to re-declare a national emergency at the border.

One of Biden’s first acts as president was to rescind the two-year-old national emergency at the border. What makes that move incomprehensibly stupid are the warnings the incoming president received from all sides about the crisis brewing the border.

Biden administration plans for influx of 117,000 illegal alien youths

Internal documents outline that the Biden administration is planning to integrate 117,000 migrant youths and children in 2021, an exponential increase on previous years.

The information, obtained by Axios, also indicates that shelter facilities are expected to be overrun this month, and that Biden will accelerate the release of migrants into the US to avoid worsening the crisis.

Federal judge puts indefinite hold on Biden’s plan to halt deportations

A federal judge in South Texas indefinitely extended his order stopping the Biden Administration’s plans to halt all deportations for 100 days. The new order effectively blocks President Joe Biden from his promise to temporarily stop deporting criminal migrants.

Myorkas confirmed as Biden’s DHS secretary, amnesty chief

Mayorkas is an experienced manager, an immigrant and an immigration lawyer, and a pro-migration advocate. He is expected to push agency officials to open up migration channels for blue-collar migrants and white-collar migrants, including the many white-collar visa workers who take jobs from U.S. graduates.

Mayorkas is also expected to help Biden’s administration create regulatory amnesties for large groups of illegals and help push many resident green card holders to seek citizenship, allowing them to vote for Democrats in 2022 and 2024.