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‘We know where all your children live’: ICE protestors threaten former ICE contractor employee

Leftist protesters in Florida appeared to dox and threaten a former key employee of an Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) contractor, just one day before shots were fired into an office of that same company in Texas.

Acting DHS secretary on ICE facility attack in Texas: Rhetoric must be toned down

Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan said Wednesday on “Fox & Friends” that the latest attack on an ICE facility in Texas could be the result of politicians and pundits “demonizing” federal agents for enforcing existing laws.

Horowitz: The Statue of Liberty poem means the exact opposite of what immigrant welfare advocates think

Americans free of socialism can make prosperity out of poverty. Welfare just perpetuates the poverty

By all our history and law, what the Left is doing by marrying mass migration with a mass welfare state that didn’t exist at the time the statue was built or the poem written is the opposite of what the poem calls for. Indeed, the statue was originally referred to as “Liberty Enlightening the World,” meaning it was about America enlightening the rest of the world with liberty.

Video: Watch how everyday Americans shoulder the burden of the immigration crisis

Immigrants seeking asylum have been flooding the southern border, particularly throughout the EL Paso, TX, sector. The unprecedented number of families that have inundated border facilities and the partisan fighting in Washington, D.C. means that asylum seekers are being pushed into border town communities.

The Daily Caller Explains explores how local residents have volunteered their time, energy and funds to contend with the migrant crisis that Washington has failed to address

2 illegal aliens accused of raping 11-year old girl in sanctuary Maryland county

The video of a crying 11-year-old girl is being used by the Left to militate against enforcing our sovereignty and immigration laws. Apparently the rule should be that anyone can come here and remain here illegally if they have a child, because enforcing our laws will result in hardship to the kids. But no such heart-tugging imagery exists for all the girls raped and harmed by criminal aliens thanks to the lack of enforcement or loopholes in our laws. The latest atrocity involves a different 11-year-old girl who will never be seen on camera.

Robert Francis O’Rourke: Trump ‘terrorizing’ immigrants in relaunch campaign

Former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) on Thursday described racism and gun violence as existential threats to the U.S. and said he would resume his presidential campaign with a focus on visiting immigrant communities he said have been “terrorized” by President Trump.

Americans apply for jobs at Koch Foods after ICE raid

Roughly 150 locals attended an August 12 job fair to apply for jobs at the Koch Foods’ plants in Mississippi.

The fair was run after the August 7 removal of 243 alleged illegal migrants in two of the company’s chicken processing plants, according to local authorities.

Cal State San Bernardino apologizes for promoting border patrol career opportunities, offers counseling

Cal State San Bernardino (CSUSB) apologized to students for promoting employment opportunities with the United States Border Patrol at the school’s career center. In its apology email to students, CSUSB also offered “counseling and psychological services” to help with emotional “distress.”

Hundred of Germans probed over Anti-Migrant comments on Facebook

The massive probe, spanning over 250 investigations, was launched in response to the live streaming of a migrant protest by the Bavarian-wing of the AfD party in 2017, German media disclosed on Saturday. Some 97 people were fined and three others were to face incitement charges in the court, the weekly Der Spiegel reported.

Texas Republicans brace for potential 2020 losses

The rash of recent House GOP retirements is just the latest sign of a state party in distress: In last year’s midterms, Democrats flipped a pair of longtime GOP districts, a Democrat came within striking distance of a Senate seat, and more than 50 elected Republican judges lost their jobs. Democrats also gained ground in state legislative races.

Changing demographics and a suburban revolt against President Donald Trump have turned Texas from a conservative bedrock to a major political battleground, especially for House seats.