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Voter Fraud, Tax Fraud, Commie California and Comey

The Founder of Whiskey Politics, Dave Sussman, interviewed me this week to discuss federal investigations on rampant voter fraud, a massive illegal alien tax scheme #ITIN, how California’s insanity will spread nationwide and breaking news on how James Comey’s firing may impact Hillary Clinton.  Click on this link and enjoy a commercial-free interview.  We cover the […]

ICYMI: Hookers for Hillary, Eric Holder in a Skirt, A Hot Blonde Loses it and Reagan Wins It

The Ice Queen Cometh in an ominous black bus named Scooby, embarking on her Magical Mystery Tour in Iowa and wrapped it up like a Chipotle burrito sans gratuity.  Gratuity was definitely not the theme of the Hillary campaign. The lap dog press certainly didn’t feel the Hillary love, as she and Scooby raced by […]

ICYMI: 12 Words for Hillary, Nukes and Jazz Hands for all!

Happy Sunday ya’ll. What a week. Personally and politically. But ReaganBaby ICYMI is about politics, so here’s the week wrap. Crazy foreign policy week when you sit back and watch: Nukes For All Kerry negotiates with the Mullahs of Iran.  You know those even-tempered, liberty-lovin’  folks over in the Middle East–nevermind that they have promised […]

ICYMI: Racing Together with Cop Killers, Al Gore, Fat Kids, the Choom Gang and a Little Air Guitar

In case you missed it , I missed last Sunday.  Life will sometimes throw you a curve ball, but, not to worry, it wasn’t this bad:   So here is ICYMI: #RaceTogether Starbucks launched this campaign this week but lasted about as long as Howard Dean’s campaign for President.  Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, ended the barista movement this […]