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Biden lays out Globalist vision to counter Trump: “I respect no borders”

Biden further pledged to improve America’s moral leadership by relaxing immigration and asylum laws, protecting illegal aliens already in the country, and reversing policies that prevent tax dollars from going to abortion providers overseas .

Elizabeth Warren opens borders, offers plan to decriminalize immigration.

Elizabeth Warren on Thursday rolled out a plan to “decriminalize” immigration violations, welcome more refugees and focus enforcement on security threats, offering a pro-immigration vision in sharp contrast to President Donald Trump’s restrictive focus.
The Democratic presidential candidate said the Trump administration’s harsh treatment of asylum-seeking migrants — including the separation of undocumented children and parents at the border — was based on a law, known as Section 1325, that imposes criminal penalties for improperly entering the U.S. She called for repealing the provision and said she’d use executive power to reduce its enforcement as president.

Cheerio! Britain’s ambassador to the US resigns after Trump mocked him as ‘stupid’ and a ‘pompous fool’

Trump said Monday that he would retaliate against Darroch by ignoring him completely, as punishment for harsh language about him in secret cables leaked to The Mail on Sunday.

By Tuesday he was tweeting that ‘wacky’ Darroch was ‘a very stupid guy’ – and that Britain’s prime minister Theresa May was ‘a disaster.’

Darroch said Wednesday: ‘The current situation is making it impossible for me to carry out my role as I would like.’

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross abruptly cancels meeting over presence of British Ambassador

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross abruptly canceled a long-planned meeting with Britain’s Secretary of State for International Trade Liam Fox Tuesday because the British Ambassador to the U.S. Kim Darroch was also due to attend.

A Trump administration source said that the meeting was jettisoned because of the row over leaked secret cables from Darroch that described President Trump as “inept” and “incompetent.” The source said that it showed the rift between the Trump administration over the leaks was “a real thing” and growing.

Trump, and America, wins again. Mexico sends 6k troops to their southern border in response to tariff threat.

Mexico intends to send 6,000 National Guard troops to its southern border to head off the threat of U.S. tariffs over its lax border policies.

Despite Mexico’s intent to beef up border security, the White House is still planning to enact a 5% tariff on about $350 billion worth of goods flowing from Mexico into the U.S. on June 10. Tariffs will increase by 5% each month up to 25% in October.

“Our position hasn’t changed. The tariffs will move forward and go into effect on Monday,” White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Friday.

Senator Hawley’s new bill would crack down on US technology going to China

A bill announced Tuesday by Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) would make it harder for American companies to export major emerging technologies to China.

Why it matters: Technology, from AI to 5G wireless, has become a major bargaining chip in the broader tensions between the U.S. and China.