In A Trump Administration, Red Lines Don’t Run

We have asked our partners to take a greater responsibility in securing their region. Increased engagement from friends including Saudi, UAE, Qatar, Egypt and others will ensure that Iran does not profit from the eradication of ISIS… America does not seek an indefinite presence in Syria. President Donald J. Trump April 13, 2018   On […]

Protecting America From North Korean Missiles

Protecting America from North Korean Missiles (Shared from my editorial in American Thinker–RB) On March 23, 1983, President Ronald Reagan announced his “Star Wars” initiative (the realname was the Strategic Defense Initiative). The goal was to defend the U.S. from a first-strike attack. Fast forward to 2017, and the U.S. still remains way behind in deploying technology to […]

#LoveIsLove Unless You Are a Gay Muslim

I refuse to allow America to become a place where gay people, Christian people, and Jewish people, are the targets of persecution and intimidation by Radical Islamic preachers of hate and violence. It’s not just a national security issue. It is a quality of life issue. If we want to protect the quality of life for […]

US National Security at Stake in Rocket Engine Debate

No matter which party wins the White House in November our next Commander in Chief will inherit a world far more unstable than at any point in recent history.  From the rapid expansion of ISIS, to recent nuclear tests in North Korea, to the many problems in Afghanistan and Iraq, the very real threats to […]

If Technology is our Future, Why Aren’t we Teaching Our Kids to Create it?

We have to do everything we can to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit, wherever we find it. We should be helping American companies compete and sell their products all over the world. We should be making it easier and faster to turn new ideas into new jobs and new businesses. And we should knock down any […]

CA Democratic Jewish Caucus Stall, then Hijacks Bill Opposing Israel Boycott

  The bill opposing boycotts of Israel has been pigeonholed in California’s Democratically controlled state legislature for nearly three months. AB 1552, by Assemblyman Travis Allen, R-Huntington Beach, prohibits state entities from contracting with parties that engage in commercial discrimination, and boycotts on the basis of national origin. The international “Boycott, Divest and Sanctions” movement […]

It Isn’t Trump Who Ruined the Republican Party

“Nominating Donald Trump will wreck the Republican party as we know it.” Jonah Goldberg, senior editor of National Review.     The Republican elite and media intelligencia are now blaming Donald Trump for either destroying the Republican Party, or killing its spirit. “Nominating Donald Trump will wreck the Republican party as we know it,” said Jonah […]

Hillary Clinton, A Champion….for Terrorists

  Let’s be clear, though, Islam is not our adversary. Muslims are a peaceful and tolerant people, and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism. Hillary Clinton, November 2015, Speech to Council of Foreign Relations Since September 11, 2001, Islamic terrorists have carried out close to 30,000 deadly attacks, many of them on American soil.  Since […]

Give Us Your Tired, Your Poor, and Your Huddled Masses of Jihadists

Devotion to jihad for the sake of Allah, and the desire to shed blood, to smash skulls, and to sever limbs for the sake of Allah and in defense of His religion, is, undoubtedly, an honor for the believer, Allah said that if a man fights the infidels, the infidels will be unable to prepare […]