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SpyGate: The Spin of Sedition

I bought all the presidents men. Figure i needed to brush up on watergate.  Text message from Lisa Page to her lover, FBI Director of Counter Intelligence, Peter Strozk.   A Timeline of Sedition  With all of Comey’s memos and political hot air flying around these days in Washington DC, one word that has been […]

How Many More Elections Will The Democrats Be Allowed To Steal?

At the core of one person one vote is the principle of electoral equality, not that of equality of representation… making sure that each voter gets one vote—not two, five or ten…or one-half. Justice Alex Kozinski   Russians Aren’t the Only Foreigners Interfering in US Elections  Last week, the Nevada Secretary of State, Republican Barbara […]

3,000 envelopes may expose a template of voter fraud. Why aren’t the Feds interested?

After the 2016 presidential election, I had assumed that when 10,000 envelopes mailed to actively-registered Democratic Party voters in a small State Assembly district (AD-15) in Clark County, Nevada, and approximately 3,000 were returned by the post office as undeliverable, it meant that I had 3,000 pieces of evidence related to possible voter fraud.  I […]

The Bonnie and Clyde of Burlington College

  In early 2016, a time when millions were not “with her” but “feeling the Bern,” a FBI investigation was started by President Obama, his Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the US Attorney, Eric S. Miller– all of whom are Democrats. For the first time in history, two presidential candidates and their spouses, were under […]

The DNC: The Democrat Network of Criminals

Crime expands according to our willingness to put up with it. Barry J. Farber The Democrats are a network of criminals who seek to sabotage this past election using the press, various progressive organizations and George Soros NGO’s.  Their deceptive practices are direct assaults on our electoral process and threaten the stability of our republic. […]

Voter Fraud, Tax Fraud, Commie California and Comey

The Founder of Whiskey Politics, Dave Sussman, interviewed me this week to discuss federal investigations on rampant voter fraud, a massive illegal alien tax scheme #ITIN, how California’s insanity will spread nationwide and breaking news on how James Comey’s firing may impact Hillary Clinton.  Click on this link and enjoy a commercial-free interview.  We cover the […]


    UPDATE from our breaking news from yesterday.  See the video of my interview with Stan Vaughan here on the Heat at NewsMaxTV Las Vegas. I will continue to report on this story as it unfolds and will continue to connect the many dots related to this template of election fraud that exists […]