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Social media companies team up with WHO to censor Wuhan virus information

The Chinese government is already censoring what gets out about the Wuhan virus.

Now, social media titans in the U.S. think they know what’s best for Americans and want to make sure they receive the “right” information.

MIT scientist claims Coronavirus is a “Deep State fraud”

MIT scientist Shiva Ayyadurai claims that coronavirus “fear mongering” is a “Deep State fraud” to manipulate financial markets.

Ayyadurai, who is noted for his controversial claim to be the “inventor of email,” has a PhD in Biological Engineering and is running as a Republican in the 2020 U.S. Senate election in Massachusetts.

Current Coronavirus fatality rates an overestimation, experts say

Cases of the virus have jumped over the past few days, now with over 1,000 confirmed across the United States, according to data compiled by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at John Hopkins University. As of this writing, there have been at least 32 coronavirus-linked deaths.

Dershowitz: I am thinking of suing CNN for their lies

CNN, along with other media, pride themselves on testing statements made by presidential candidates and others for their truthfulness or falsity.

But who is testing the truthfulness or falsity of statements made by CNN and other media?

Read Newsmax: Dershowitz: I’m Thinking of Suing CNN for Their Lies
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‘Bloomberg could have given every American $1M dollars; liberal media math exposed in stunning interview

“Bloomberg spent $500 million on ads. The U.S. population is 327 million. He could have given each American $1 million and still have money left over,” Williams read.

Trump: Democrats, ‘dirty cops’ and ‘dishonest scum’ have ‘poisoned our Democracy’

“The ones at the top, they were absolute scum”

Wowing a crowd of thousands in Phoenix Wednesday night, President Trump tore into his Democratic opponents, declaring that it doesn’t matter who he goes up against because “We’re going to win”.

Intel officials warn lawmakers Russia trying to interfere in 2020 election. Provide no evidence.

there was reportedly bipartisan pushback on the House briefing concerning its depth, credibility and the scope of the evidence, a senior administration official told CBS News. The DNI official overseeing election security threats, Shelby Pierson, was not able to present a rock-solid case proving Russia’s assistance, according to the senior administration official.