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A medical student questioned microaggressions. UVA branded him a threat and banished him from campus.

The student was informed that he must be evaluated by psychological services before returning to classes. Bhattacharya repeatedly asked university officials to clarify what exactly he was accused of, under whose authority his counseling had been mandated, and why his enrollment status was suddenly in doubt, according to the lawsuit. These queries only appear to have made UVA officials more determined to punish him.

Third-grader told to remove ‘Jesus Love Me” face mask

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) is fighting for a third-grade girl’s right to wear a “Jesus Loves Me” face mask to public school.

Tyson Langhofer, ADF senior counsel, told the Todd Starnes Radio Show Thursday the school district engaged in “viewpoint discrimination” by singling out Lydia Booth in October while allowing other students to wear “Black Lives Matter” masks.

Students at Florida high school warned they will be ‘re-educated’ if caught not wearing a mask

An advisory posted on the school’s website regarding face mask policy tells students, teachers, staff and any visitors that masks are mandatory on all school property as well as on school buses.

The section on “noncompliance” then spells out the punishment for anyone caught flouting the rules.

“The wearing of a face covering is a public health issue. Students who do not wear a mask when it is required (or refuse to do so), should first be reeducated on the importance of wearing a mask,” states the advisory.

“If after reeducation occurs, they still do not comply, the student’s administrator should be contacted,” it adds, outlining that parents will also be contacted and the student will be forced to switch to online learning if non-compliance continues.

California’s proposed “Ethnic Studies” curriculum urges students to chant to Aztec deity of Human Sacrifice and Cannibalism – calls for “Counter-Genocide” against White Christians

Christian prayer in public school is prohibited, but now the Marxists in California are trying to force millions of students to chant to the Aztec gods of human sacrifice and cannibalism.

America’s critical race delusion must be stopped

According to information obtained from a Buffalo Public Schools district whistleblower instead of working on practical measures to improve the district’s dismally low academic performance, administrators have implemented “equity based instructional strategies.” The centerpiece of this view is that “America is built on racism,” a view propagated by district diversity czar Fatima Morrell.

Democrats propose ‘gender identity’ education for children as young as 5 in New York

State Sen. Samra G. Brouk, a Democrat from Rochester, who’s sponsoring the bill, intends to tie the state’s health curriculum to standards created by a left-wing interest group called Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS). It is advocating for “Sex Ed for Social Change,” reports the New York Post.

Biden erases Dr. Seuss from ‘Read Across America’ proclamation as progressives seek to cancel beloved author

While Biden followed presidential tradition in proclaiming Tuesday “Read Across America Day,” he bucked his predecessors by leaving out any mention of Dr. Seuss from the proclamation.

The White House didn’t immediately return a request for comment on why Dr. Seuss was left out of the proclamation, but the snub comes as progressives have sought to cancel the beloved children’s author.

Principal of NY school demands parents become “White Traitors”

The principal of East Side Community School in New York sent white parents a manifesto that calls on them to become “white traitors” and advocate for full “white abolition.”

“This is the new language of public education,” tweeted Christopher F. Rufo along with an image showing “the 8 white identities,” which range from “white supremacist” to “white abolition.”