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The Biden Administration designs and abets the next U.S. southern border invasion

“To end Title 42 now defies logic and common sense and quite frankly the medical science that they’ve forced upon us. That also is going to act as yet another incentive for more illegal immigration,” former U.S. Customs and Border Patrol commissioner Mark Morgan said.

Why Americans shouldn’t be happy that MasterCard and Visa have suspended Russia operations

America is at a crossroads today. The choice before us is whether we will continue to exist as a free society, or whether we will become a totalitarian state in which holding the proper opinions is an indispensable prerequisite of being able to function as a citizen at all. Note that Visa’s Al Kelly said his company had decided to take the step to suspend services in Russia because of “the unacceptable events that we have witnessed.” What will Americans who dissent from the Leftist agenda do when the credit card giants tell them that such dissent is “unacceptable” as well?

Elon Musk: US needs to increase oil and gas production ‘immediately’

Tesla CEO Elon Musk urged the United States to increase its oil and gas production following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, despite the negative impact on his company.

“Hate to say it, but we need to increase oil & gas output immediately. Extraordinary times demand extraordinary measures,” Musk tweeted on Friday.

The Trump boom lifted Black Americans

Joe Biden began his presidency with a promise to advance equity, which means favoring some races and ethnicities over others to shrink outcome disparities. Like many of his fellow liberal Democrats, Mr. Biden is tethered to the belief that black upward mobility won’t happen without coddling and special treatment from the government. Donald Trump’s record complicates such claims.