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This is China Inc

Newly obtained emails from a Hunter Biden business partner lay out in detail how the Vice President’s son and his colleagues used their access to the Obama-Biden administration to arrange private meetings for potential foreign clients and investors at the highest levels in the White House. These never-before-revealed emails outline how a delegation of Chinese investors and Communist Party officials managed to secure a private, off-the-books meeting with then-Vice President Joe Biden.

Twitter and Facebook cross a line far more dangerous than what they censor

In sum, the two Silicon Valley giants, with little explanation, united to prevent the sharing and dissemination of this article. As Los Angeles Times reporter Matt Pearce put it, “Facebook limiting distribution is a bit like if a company that owned newspaper delivery trucks decided not to drive because it didn’t like a story. Does a truck company edit the newspaper? It does now, apparently.”

Your FBI will entrap you

The FBI-generated indictment of six men on charges of terrorism for planning to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has all the earmarks of what has become that corrupt agency’s standard operating procedure. Their lawyers are sure to claim they were victims of entrapment. If the case comes to trial, I doubt a jury will convict them.

During the eight years I spent supervising the intelligence agencies for the Senate Intelligence Committee, I watched as what had been a clerisy of strait-laced guardians of truth and justice was becoming a bunch of lazy bureaucrats eager to serve the ruling class’ prejudices.

Biden’s ABC town hall questioners included former Obama speech writer; wife of former Pennsylvania Democrat

Two of the questioners at the ABC town hall featuring Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Thursday had ties to high-profile Democrats, including one questioner who previously worked as a speechwriter in the Obama administration.

VIDEO: In July, a Minnesota Democrat candidate alleges outright vote buying by Minnesota Democrats, “it’s worse than Somalia”

A few thousand votes in swing-state Minnesota may decide November’s presidential election. In this crucial swing state, one Democratic candidate came forward in July, in a largely unnoticed and untranslated video, to allege that the state’s DFL machine was buying votes in Minneapolis’ Somali-American community.

Stanford Professor warns Covid shelter-in-place orders are killing people

Infectious disease experts and epidemiologists from universities like Stanford, Yale, Harvard and Oxford say current shelter-in-place policies are not effectively protecting vulnerable people from COVID-19, while devastating public health in ways that will lead to irreparable harm for years to come.

Scott Atlas: the other doctor on the COVID task force

Dr. Scott W. Atlas joined the president’s coronavirus task force in August, but after two months, he has yet to sit for a photo shoot or throw out a first pitch or inspire a single artisanal cocktail. No one has impersonated him on “Saturday Night Live” either, and there certainly isn’t any grassroots campaign to get him nominated as People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive.”

Although he has a medical degree from the University of Chicago, Atlas is the other doctor, and he knows it. “I’m not here to make friends. Okay?” he tells RealClearPolitics in a rare interview. “I’m here to help the president save American lives. Period.”

John Paul James makes up 10 point deficit since June. Michigan Senate race now a dead heat

A poll found Republican challenger John James is in a dead heat with incumbent Sen. Gary Peters (D) in Michigan, with James closing a 10-point gap in just months.

The New York Times reported James was down double digits in June, 41 percent to 31 percent.

DEA announces drug trafficking charges against former Mexico Defense Secretary

The Drug Enforcement Agency announced charges on Friday against former Mexican Defense Secretary Salvador Cienfuegos over allegations of drug trafficking and money laundering.

The retired general was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport on Thursday at the request of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, the Associated Press reported.