Month: August 2020

39 missing children found by US Marshals in Georgia through ‘Operation Not Forgotten’

US Marshals found 39 missing children in Georgia on Thursday through an operation dubbed “Operation Not Forgotten.” FOX 6 reported that the Marshals worked with law enforcement to safely rescue 26 children while safely locating the remaining 13.

First-time gun buyers grow to nearly 5 million in 2020

NSSF®, the trade association for the firearm industry, updated retail survey-based estimates and concluded that nearly 5 million Americans purchased a firearm for the very first time in 2020. NSSF surveyed firearm retailers which reported that 40 percent of sales were conducted to purchasers who have never previously owned a firearm.

Jamele Hill: “Why should a country that doesn’t value black lives get to be entertained by black athletes?

On Thursday, Atlantic writer and former ESPN host Jemele Hill insisted that black athletes should stop “entertaining” America because the country does not “value black lives.”

Hill pushed the calumny in her August 27 column where she praised the decision of the NBA to cancel this week’s games in response to the police-involved shooting of Wisconsin man Jacob Blake.

Black National Convention ratifies platform seeking black liberation– ‘America does not value black lives’

On Friday night, radical Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists held a Black National Convention, which aimed to “reach and engage four million Black voters across the US, build infrastructure of Black political engagement that transcends the 2020 election season, and create and ratify a policy platform for the first 100 days of the next administration.”

Rittenhouse lawyers say video evidence proves Kenosha shootings were ‘Acts Of Self-Defense’

A couple of days ago, we reported that conservative attorney Lin Wood has taken on the case of Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old who has been hit with 6 charges stemming from a Tuesday night bloodbath where he shot three men, killing two, during a night of chaos, anarchy and looting.

Twitter says Shaun King’s threat to name Kenosha cops ‘not in violation’ of rules

A Twitter spokesman says activist and accused fraudster Shaun King’s threat to name Kenosha, Wisc., police officers is “not in violation” of its rules — including its ban on “a threat of harm against an identifiable group,” a rule used to censor President Trump.

CNN describes ‘mostly peaceful’ riots as Kenosha burns

A CNN reporter described the mayhem in Kenosha as “mostly peaceful” even as cars set on fire by rioters burned behind him.

Omar Jimenez describes “multiple locations that have been burning in Kenosha, Wisconsin over the course of the night” before characterizing the unrest as “largely peaceful.”

Kenosha police union gives account of Jacob Blake shooting, says depictions are ‘wholly inaccurate’

In Sunday’s incident, Blake was “armed with a knife” and “forcefully fought” with officers, putting one of them in a headlock, Brendan Matthews, an attorney for the Kenosha Professional Police Association, said Friday, according to Kenosha News.

State investigators, however, said Blake had a knife “in his possession,” and it was later recovered from the floorboard of his vehicle, FOX 6 of Milwaukee reported.