Month: June 2020

The great Proletarian cultural revolution arrives in America

Most of the time we see events—as St. Paul famously wrote in 1 Corinthians, “through a glass, darkly”—but there are times in American history that allow us to experience moments of clarity. The scales fall from our eyes; our blindness is briefly healed, and we can see the nature of our enemy illuminated by the light of truth.

FBI pledge allegiance to Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Nation of Islam, and New Black Panthers protestors

In a display of public unity with ‘The Movement’ writ large, FBI officials took a knee to declare their woke allegiance with the protesting mobs. With that visible display we now have a better understanding of the motives behind a history of FBI failures.

Viacom CBS employees employees pressure Pluto TV to stop streaming new Bill O’Reilly show

ViacomCBS employees are asking the media company to drop a streaming channel carrying a new show by former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, the latest pushback against TV hosts and programming seen as insensitive to issues surrounding the death of George Floyd.