Month: May 2020

Durham probe into Russia hoax origins in ‘full throttle’

U.S. Attorney for Connecticut, John Durham is “going full throttle” and “looking at everything” when it comes to reviewing the origins of the Russia-Trump investigation, says Fox News. Although Attorney General Bill Barr has dropped the case against Flynn, the desire to get to the bottom of the repulsive lying, spying, and deceit prevail; and things are getting juicy.

Mike Rowe: Labeling 35 million people as non-essential could have ‘serious consequences’

“It’s the thing we choose to do with the most conscious chunk of our life, and so to reduce it to a paycheck is dumb,” Rowe continued. “Obviously, there’s a giant transactional element involved in it, but there’s so much more.”

House Dems push to nationalize corrupt elections

Pelosi and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) have scheduled a May 15 vote on their proposed $3 trillion CCP virus relief bill, which also includes provisions mandating states to mail ballots to every resident in advance of the 2020 presidential and congressional elections and to allow ballot harvesting, as happened in California and North Carolina.

Nevada’s vote-by-mail primary stirs concerns as unclaimed ballots pile up: ‘Something stinks here’

Thousands of ballots have been sent out by the Clark County Election Department to inactive voters – those who have not voted in recent elections, a roster that can include people who either have moved or are deceased – and the envelopes are piling up in post office trays, outside apartment complexes and on community bulletin boards in and around Las Vegas.

DNC Communications Director: ‘Convention must happen; we are not officially Nominating Joe Biden’

Xochitl Hinojosa, communications director for the Democratic National Committee (DNC), sparked confusion this week after stating during an appearance on Fox News that it is crucial for the party to hold its convention, because they are “not officially nominating Joe Biden in order to take Donald Trump.”

Wisconsin bars packed after State Supreme Court overrides governor’s stay-at-home order

Wisconsin bars welcomed patrons without masks, social distancing or capacity restrictions on Thursday night immediately after the state Supreme Court overturned the governor’s latest stay-at-home order, leading to busy crowds and warnings from the governor that lack of restrictions could lead to more deaths.

Michigan Gov. Whitmer: Lockdown protests are ‘racist and misogynistic’

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) said Wednesday that the lockdown protests are “racist and misogynistic” and called on those with a platform to discourage the demonstrators.

Whitmer told ABC’s “The View” that the protests are “really political” as demonstrators have brought nooses, Confederate flags and Nazi symbolism.

Illinois Gov. Pritzker threatens to use state police against businesses reopening early

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker is threatening to use local law enforcement and state police against businesses that reopen in defiance of his policies.

The governor gave the stern warning on the same day Madison County officials have gone against the governor’s public health orders and started to reopen.