Month: December 2019

Republicans have added 600,000 new donors, $10 million during impeachment

The Center for Responsive Politics’ Open Secrets website in mid-October noted that the RNC and Trump’s campaign have raised “a record-breaking $334 million to advance GOP campaigns nationwide.” Meanwhile, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has lagged “far behind in its lackluster fundraising efforts, with $8.6 million on hand through the end of September.

6 reasons Pelosi’s Senate obstruction gambit on impeachment articles is a disaster

If Nancy Pelosi truly thought Democrats had made the case that Donald Trump was an “urgent threat” to America, she wouldn’t be refusing to send the articles of impeachment against him to the Senate for a full trial.

Dershowitz: Pelosi’s proposal to withhold Senate trial is unconstitutional

It is difficult to imagine anything more unconstitutional, more violative of the intention of the Framers, more of a denial of basic due process and civil liberties, more unfair to the president and more likely to increase the current divisiveness among the American people. Put bluntly, it is hard to imagine a worse idea put forward by good people.

Nunes: Democrats ‘found a way’ to ‘make a coup attempt boring’

“The Democrats showcased the most useful witnesses and public hearings,” Nunes told the House. “That somehow reduced support for impeachment. It is not easy to make a coup attempt boring. But the Democrats found a way. As it turns out, the American people don’t think a routine phone call with a foreign leader is a good basis for ousting the U.S. President.”