Month: November 2019

Democrat Doomsday: Two polls show support for Trump at 34% amongst black americans

In what one can only describe as “disastrous news” for Democrats, two different opinion polls find that, among African Americans, support for President Trump is in the thirties. This number has been rising more or less constantly from a year ago, when it was in the mid-20s.

Minority voters blast Dem ‘Establishment’ for opposing charter schools

As top 2020 Democratic candidates unveil plans to curb or reverse the spread of charter schools, many Black and Latino voters are asking why their voices aren’t being heard, according to a New York Times report.

“As a single mom with two jobs and five hustles, I’m just feeling kind of desperate,” Sonia Tyler told the Times. “They’re brilliant; they’re curious. It’s not fair. Why shouldn’t I have a choice?”

Feds paid $1 Billion in Social Security benefits to individuals without Social Security numbers

The agency’s inspector general found errors in the government’s documentation for representative payees, otherwise known as individuals who receive retirement or disability payments on behalf of another person who is incapable of managing the benefits themselves.

The audit released Friday found thousands of cases where there was no SSN on file.

CNN: Trump is a leader of ‘destructive CULT’ using ‘mind control’ on Americans

CNN’s resident lunatic Brian Stelter went above and beyond his regular whackery Sunday, wheeling out a ‘cult expert’ on his “Reliable Sources” show, who claimed that President Trump is a “destructive cult” leader, a la Jim Jones, and that he is using “mind control” to direct supporters.

Gloomy Bloomberg polls: least electable, ‘most disliked candidate in the race’

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s first week in the Democratic presidential campaign has been greeted with two polls that suggest he’s already in trouble.

According to a Morning Consult survey of 5,000 out today, Bloomberg is “the most disliked candidate in the race.”

“I have initiated the destruction of the Republic” dirty FBI lawyer texts FBI colleagues

It was a week after the first fraudulent FISA warrant was issued in an effort to legitimize spying on candidate Trump and the future 45th President of the United States, that creepy Clinesmith texted – “I never really liked the Republic anyways”!

Solomon: A dozen document troves that could change the Ukraine scandal if Trump releases them

There are still wide swaths of documentation kept under wraps inside government agencies like the State Department that could substantially alter the public’s understanding of what has happened in the U.S.-Ukraine relationships now at the heart of the impeachment probe.

Lee Zeldin on impeachment: “Adam Schiff really does think that many Americans are idiots’

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., is treating the American public like “idiots” by relying on hearsay and circumstantial evidence to impeach President Trump, Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., said Sunday on “America’s News Headquarters.”

“The people who are pushing for impeachment have been pushing for impeachment since Donald Trump was elected — since he was getting sworn into office,” Zeldin told Fox News’ Eric Shawn. “Adam Schiff really does think that many Americans are idiots.

Republicans expected to hit Hunter Biden and ‘whistleblower’ with subpoena

According to Breitbart, Republican lawmakers are planning on subpoenaing documents relating to the infamous whistleblower, Hunter Biden and DNC contractor Alexandra Chalupa. The announcement by House Republicans came in a letter written to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff.