Month: October 2019

Rep. Gohmert on impeachment: “About to push the country into civil war”

“Never in the history of this country have we had such gross unfairness that one party would put armed guards with guns to prevent the duly authorized people from being able to hear the witnesses and see them for themselves,” the congressman said.

This is a seditious coup–the last time Democrats did this, they were hanged for sedition

Today the Democrats running the House made official their plans to remove President Trump from office. President Trump is arguably the best US President since Lincoln, the last great President removed from office by Democrats.

Lincoln was assassinated after holding the country together and freeing Democrat owned slaves in the great Civil War.

NSC official Tim Morrison to Shiff: “I was not concerned that anything illegal was discussed” in Trump-Ukraine Trump-Ukraine phone call

A top National Security Council (NSC) official who listened to President Donald Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky testified to Congress today that he did not believe Trump had discussed anything illegal during the conversation.

“I want to be clear, I was not concerned that anything illegal was discussed,” former NSC Senior Director for European Affairs Tim Morrison testified today, according to a record of his remarks obtained by The Federalist.

Jeffrey Epstein’s death is more likely a homicidal strangulation than a suicide

The bombshell claim by Dr. Michael Baden, a former New York City medical examiner who has worked on high-profile cases during a five-decade medical career, is certain to reignite suspicions that surfaced immediately after Epstein, who was awaiting trial on federal sex-trafficking charges involving underage girls, was discovered dead in his cell on Aug. 10. Baden, who was hired by Epstein’s brother and observed the autopsy, told Fox News its findings are more consistent with homicidal strangulation than suicidal hanging. He noted that the 66-year-old Epstein had two fractures on the left and right sides of his larynx, specifically the thyroid cartilage or Adam’s apple, as well as one fracture on the left hyoid bone above the Adam’s apple, Baden told Fox News.

Lee Smith: Hillary Clinton Paid to Have Her Personal Conspiracy Theory Made Into Official US National Security Policy, and The Entire Nation Has Been Forced to Live Inside the Sick Imaginings of a Paranoiac for Three Years

I downloaded his book, The Plot Against the President, yesterday but haven’t started reading it yet.

It’s the #1 Amazon Best Seller in books.

A correspondent writes,

He literally goes through the early drafts of “the dossier” and links specific media stories (leaks) to the “dossier” sentences…
As a friend in the military/security world told me from the beginning: “It’s an op. It’s obviously an op. I know it’s an op because I used to be one of the guys running this kind of an op.”

How ‘Whistleblower’ may be outed: ties to Biden, Brennan, Shiff’s staff…

For a town that leaks like a sieve, Washington has done an astonishingly effective job keeping from the American public the name of the anonymous “whistleblower” who triggered impeachment proceedings against President Trump — even though his identity is an open secret inside the Beltway.

Over 470,000 migrant families arrested at border, up over 340%

The U.S. Border Patrol announced that they had apprehended 473,682 family members last fiscal year, up from 107,212 in fiscal year 2018. Additionally, 76,020 unaccompanied children were taken into custody on the US-Mexico border, which was higher than any year on record.

Trump administration highlights fight against human trafficking

President Donald Trump highlighted his administration’s commitment to combat human trafficking on Tuesday, meeting in the Oval Office with recipients of an award to fight the practice.
Later, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo presided over a meeting of the president’s task to address trafficking.