Month: September 2019

Senators demand answers on DNC efforts to get Ukrainian dirt on Trump in 2016

The chairmen of two Senate committees are insisting that the Department of Justice come clean about Democratic Party efforts to solicit Ukrainian interference in the 2016 election. Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, first alerted the department about the meddling in July of 2017 so it could be investigated, but under Rod Rosenstein’s leadership and the direction of special counsel Robert Mueller, the inquiries of the then-Senate Judiciary chairman were ignored.

Susan Rice admits Obama put call transcripts on top secret server, too

With the media freaking out that President Trump put some phone conversations on a “code word protected” server, former national security adviser Susan Rice admitted on Friday that the Obama administration also used this server to store information.

Giuliani goes nuclear, threatens to release incriminating evidence on Biden

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani dropped the bomb on Joe Biden, claiming that he has “a lot more evidence” on the former Vice President relating to his shady dealings with the Ukrainian government, also noting that Biden’s son, Hunter Biden is “drug challenged.”

Pelosi and Shiff connected to prominent Ukrainian arms dealer

There is much more to this Ukrainian Arms Dealer that can be found at this link. Of course, Obama’s Secretary of State Kerry, his Vice President Biden and DNC operative Alexandra Chalupa are all connected.
Chalupa is connected to the Steele dossier as well as Ukrainians and Democrat leaders.

Obama-appointed judge blocks Trump rule to hold unaccompanied minors at border over 20 days

A judge in the District Court of Washington, D.C., on Friday blocked an August Trump administration rule that would have extended the legal detention of unauthorized migrant minors beyond 20 days.

Trump admin implements most important refugee reform ever

The administration just announced they are lowering the refugee cap for FY 2020 to 18,000 from the current level of 30,000 and will give local communities veto power over resettlement. Not a bad outcome for conservatives who are used to losing most policy battle.

‘OK’ hand signal added to civil rights group’s database of hate symbols

The “OK” hand symbol, the bowl-style haircut of Dylann Roof and the “Happy Merchant” meme are among the 36 new symbols added Thursday to the online database of hate symbols maintained by a Jewish civil rights group.

The symbols were added to the Anti-Defamation League’s (ADL) online “Hate on Display” database, which already includes burning crosses, Ku Klux Klan robes, the swastika and many other overt symbols of racism and anti-Semitism.