Month: July 2019

John Ratcliffe: AG William Barr will deliver justice to any Obama officials who committed crimes

“I trust, because Bill Barr has earned my trust already and the trust of the American people, that there’ll be a fair process with John Durham and with Michael Horowitz to get answers to that and provide accountability where it really belongs,” Ratcliffe said.

Baltimore Sun: Trump is right. Declare Baltimore a ‘disaster’ and rebuild it

Donald J. Trump is known for his hyperbole, but not all of his ideas are a stretch. Our inner cities are a “disaster,” as he said in the final presidential debate — and they should be officially declared so.
Mr. Trump said on the campaign trail that he would “empower cities and states to seek a federal disaster designation for blighted communities in order to initiate the rebuilding of vital infrastructure, the demolition of abandoned properties and the increased presence of law enforcement.” Now that he’s captured the presidency, let’s hope he follows through.

Mark Zuckerberg runs a nation-state, and he’s the king

“In a lot of ways Facebook is more like a government than a traditional company,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said.

He elaborated on this claim in a recent interview with Vox’s Ezra Klein. After noting that the Facebook community consists of more than 2 billion people around the world, he wondered if executives “sitting in an office here in California” were the right people to be making decisions for a constituency of that size. He asked, “How can you set up a more democratic or community-oriented process that reflects the values of people around the world?”

Woke cannibalism: Trans model gets fired for making ‘transphobic’ comments

A high-fashion model came out as a transgender last week after allegedly being fired by her agency for criticizing trans women.

Carissa Pinkston, 20, eventually apologized for several “transphobic” posts shared in June to her more than 35,000 followers on Instagram.

“Trans women will never know the pain of menstrual pain, pregnancy, etc. women have to be distinguished,” Pinkston said in one of the controversial posts. In another, she averred that “being Transgender does NOT make you a woman. It makes you simply a transgender.”

“The DCCC is in complete chaos.” Top DCCC staffer out amid diversity uproar

The DCCC is now in complete chaos,” Gonzalez and Vela said in their statement. “The single most immediate action that Cheri Bustos can take to restore confidence in the organization and to promote diversity is to appoint a qualified person of color, of which there are many, as executive director at once. We find the silence of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus on this issue to be deafening.”

Dan Coats out. Trump picks Rep. John Ratcliffe for Director of National Intelligence

President Trump on Sunday announced that Texas GOP Rep. John Ratcliffe, a staunch White House ally, will replace Dan Coats as director of national intelligence (DNI), following months of speculation and public spats between the president and the intelligence community.

The move prompted immediate outrage from many top Democrats who accused the president of seeking to appoint a blindly loyal yes-man to the key post.

“I don’t see how we’ll survive’–rising minimum wage squeezes California restaurants

n a piece published this week, WSJ takes us to the Bay Area, where the owner of a restaurant called Patatas Neighborhood Kitchen, situated in the small city north of Oakland. After the city of Emeryville raised its minimum wage from $15 to $16.30 this year, the restaurant’s owner was forced to lay off six of his 10 employees and eliminate the dinner shift.

Bernie Sanders likens West Baltimore to ‘Third World Country’

Hoping to reach African-American voters nationally in his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, Sen. Bernie Sanders on Tuesday toured the West Baltimore neighborhood where Freddie Gray was arrested — and likened the poverty he observed to that of the Third World.

Anarchy: Protestors stop ICE from apprehending a criminal alien

One protester who helped form the human chain around the car told the local ABC affiliate, “I could see if these people were bad criminals, but they’re not. They’re just trying to provide for their kids.”

There’s just one problem. The individual was indeed a criminal alien with a final deportation order who has remained an ICE fugitive for nearly a decade. An ICE official confirmed the man’s identity to CR so that CR could locate his criminal history.