Month: April 2019

Criminal Alien rampage: Homicide, molestation, drunk driving

Americans Debbie Burgess and Mark O’Gara were killed this month due to our lack of resolve to secure the border and expeditiously deport other countries’ criminals. In addition, there are many criminal aliens, being allowed to remain in the country way too long, committing rape and child molestation. Sadly, most of these cases will remain unknown to the public.

Justice Sotomayor: “Hispanics have a rational fear of citizenship question.”

Are you suggesting they don’t have, whether it is rational or not, that they don’t have a legitimate fear?” Justice Sotomayor demanded. The court’s conservative justices fired back, pointing out that citizenship questions have been a part of the census almost since the beginning, first as part of the basic form sent to every household and, since 1960, as part of a longer form sent to a smaller sampling of homes.

The walls are closing in on Obama

Judicial Watch has obtained testimony from a top FBI official that Hillary home-brew server emails were found in the White House. This means that Barrack Obama’s illegal handling of classified information contained in those emails is closer to being exposed. This implicates him in the same felonies committed by Hillary Clinton that James Comey falsely claimed “no reasonable prosecutor” would pursue.