Month: October 2017

The ethical and scientific consequences to eradicating Down Syndrome through abortion?

“I am a man with Down syndrome and my life is worth living.” These are the words that Frank Stephens, a Quincy Jones Advocate at the Global Down Syndrome Foundation, spoke as he delivered compelling testimony on Capitol Hill last week. The members of the House Subcommittee on Labor, Health, and Human Services, and Education […]

Update on FBI Investigation of Nevada Voter Fraud in the 2016 Election

…when you vote, you are a citizen yourself. And there is not a situation where the voting rolls somehow are transferred over and people start investigating, et cetera. The sanctity of the vote is strictly confidential in terms of who you voted for. If you have a family member who maybe is undocumented, then you […]

The Worst Kept Secret in Hollywood is also in California’s Capitol

Sexual harassment is apparently a problem in California’s State Capitol, despite voluminous binders of sexual harassment rules and training guides. However, the ‘casting couch’ is used in many industries besides Hollywood, and especially in politics. “Me Too” is Growing More than 140 women working in and around the California State Capitol have written a letter claiming […]

CSI Oldschool- A book dedicated to our men and women in law enforcement

“It is perhaps easy to be misled by her extremely feminine n ladylike appearance.  But, I assure you, she is one tough cop.” Bradley Murphy, Assistant US Attorney (1986) Before the days of DNA analysis and automated fingerprint comparisons, crime scene investigators had to rely of their own cunning and skills with minimum help from […]

The ‘Powertainment’ Industry is Crumbling Down

Hollywood is imploding right before our eyes. The NFL is bleeding fans and advertising dollars. Most daily newspapers have shrunk to the size of a brochure. Evening news has turned into infotainment – less info and news and more ‘tainment.’ The harrowing tale of Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein is all anyone can talk about now, […]

Jerry Brown’s California: Devastation, Plunder, Economic Failure

Jerry Brown is the self-anointed Savior of the Planet while his decades-long policies destroy the once-Golden State. People like me have been explaining for many years that California is an example of leftist policies to avoid, and the poster child state of what not to do unless state suicide is the goal. California has become the Greece of the […]

3,000 envelopes may expose a template of voter fraud. Why aren’t the Feds interested?

After the 2016 presidential election, I had assumed that when 10,000 envelopes mailed to actively-registered Democratic Party voters in a small State Assembly district (AD-15) in Clark County, Nevada, and approximately 3,000 were returned by the post office as undeliverable, it meant that I had 3,000 pieces of evidence related to possible voter fraud.  I […]

Grieving Las Vegas

When I heard about the massacre in Vegas, minutes after it began, I listened, for hours, to the LVPD police scanner. In the chaos, there were live reports, by the minute, of active shooters and suspects in a half dozen casino/hotel properties near the Mandalay. Our LEOs, SWAT, and first responders were able to decipher […]