Month: September 2017

Robbing Peter to Pay Pablo

Nearly 11 million undocumented immigrants currently live within our borders. That’s 11 million people living in the shadows whom we know next to nothing about.  Congressman Steve Israel, D-NY   A “Fair Share” for the Shadows Progressives consistently claim that many American’s aren’t paying their fair share. Eating the Rich supposedly solves income inequality in […]

Sexual Revolutionaries and Cultural Marxists Infiltrating Our Schools

“Fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions.” ~G.K. Chesterson Concerned parents of school-aged children know that sexual revolutionaries and cultural Marxists are destroying our public schools and universities. But Charter schools were thought to be safe from these dark ideological radicals. Sexual revolutionaries and cultural Marxists believe that there are no […]

As goes California, so does the rest of the nation?

Last week, prior to the end of the California’s legislative session, I detailed how CA was days away from passing legislation making California the first “Sanctuary State” in the Union, providing sanctuary to at least 3 million illegal aliens who cost Californian’s $30.3 billion dollars per year.  As predicted, the legislation passed along party lines. […]

Governor Jerry Brown: He Sells Sanctuary

Where sense is wanting, everything is wanting Benjamin Franklin This week, the California state legislature will vote to become a sanctuary state–and it will pass.  This passage will provide sanctuary to approximately three million illegal aliens and their children.  In other words, one in ten Californians are undocumented. According to new data from the U.S. […]

Should Some Lawyer-Politicians Be Disbarred?

“Why are so many politicians lawyers? Because law is the best preparation for what a politician will be — despised.” What recourse do American voters have with elected officials, and especially those who are attorneys, who knowingly pass illegal laws and policies, which violate the Constitution? California will now offer a third gender option on driver’s […]

Congress Mulls More Giveaways to Trump Backstabber Elon Musk

In order to have your voice be heard in Washington, you have to make some little contribution. Elon Musk Over the past year, no one has backstabbed President Donald J. Trump harder than SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. Yet, this week, the Republican-controlled Senate may be poised to grant this political grandstander a near monopoly over […]

The California Left’s ‘Reality’ is Anything But

California is known to the rest of the country as the land of fruits and nuts, and “Commiefornia,” and the Democrats in charge are not letting that reputation go unheeded. A law that would criminalize the ‘misgendering’ of transgender persons is about to pass the California Legislature, and could result in a fine of up […]

Social Justice “Non Profit” Organizations: Modern Day Carpetbaggers of Implied Racism

Since reconstruction, the masses of my people have been, as it were, enslaved in mind by unprincipled adventurers, who, caring nothing for country, were willing to stoop to anything no matter how infamous to secure power to themselves, and perpetuate it. …The bitterness and hate created by the late civil strife has, in my opinion, […]

The Conservative Massacre By a Vindictive California Republican

 “Politics is show business for ugly people.” Paul Begala The soon-to-be-replaced California Assembly Minority Leader Chad Mayes – the turncoat Republican lawmaker who colluded with Democrats for the passage of a 10-year extension of the cap and trade program — made drastic changes in the Assembly committee assignments Tuesday, that would appear vindictive even to political novices. In […]