Month: August 2017

SPLC Lables American Freedom Alliance Conference ‘Hate Group’

Following the American Freedom Alliance conference Sunday at which I was a speaker, the vile Southern Poverty Law Center published an article this week, “American Freedom Alliance Event Blames Immigrants for California’s ‘Destruction.’” SPLC “Hate Map” The American Freedom Alliance’s Sunday morning Los Angeles conference was titled, “From Gold to Dust: The Destruction of California.” […]

Can Assembly GOP Rescue Titanic After Captain Steers Into Iceberg?

The Assembly Republican Caucus failed on Monday to vote to oust its weak-kneed turncoat leader Chad Mayes. His failure to lead on the disastrous cap and trade manipulations and vote, allowed the cap and trade program to be voted on prematurely by two years, saved and extended a decade. A leader would have demanded an […]

‘Inclusive’ Democrats Spew Hate

Immediately following the November 2016 election of Donald J. Trump as President, “In Our America“ yard signs started showing up in predominantly liberal neighborhoods all across America. In my own urban neighborhood in downtown Sacramento, made up of more than 90% Democrat voters, the signs popped up like weeds from yard to yard. On the Nextdoor app in my […]