Month: April 2017

Female Genital Mutilation: Our Silence And The Lambs

Another Muslim Doctor in Michigan has been charged with mutilating little girl’s genitals in the name of his religion. Clearly this has now become an American problem and no longer something reserved for faraway hellholes we see only on TV. This is a problem that is already far more widespread than anyone would care to […]

Antifa Is A Hate Group

My inalienable right to express myself freely as given to me by my creator shall not be abridged by the misguided militant Marxist warriors who claim to be anti-fascist but by clear empirical evidence cannot even define fascism will not stop me from speaking loudly and clearly on any subject I choose. Some punk child […]

Senate Democrats Have No Clothes (Or Ethics), With ALRB Confirmation

Democrats in the California State Senate Thursday confirmed former Sen. Isadore Hall (D-Compton) to the Agricultural Labor Relations Board on a party line vote. You’ll recall Hall’s recent “obscenity-laced tirade” and threats to use his position to ‘get’ several farmers who opposed his confirmation:  “Are you the mother******s here to testify against me tomorrow?” Hall […]

ITIN: The Massive Tax Loophole Allowing Illegal Aliens to Defraud American Citizens

One year in Atlanta, GA, in excess of $46 million in ITIN refunds were sent to a single address by the IRS for 24,000 illegal aliens who reportedly listed that same address on their tax returns.   Written by Megan Barth and ExHuntress In 1996, the IRS began issuing a new type of tax identification […]

Big Government “Off Sets” Will Stymie the Reagan Revival

You can’t be for big government, big taxes, and big bureaucracy and still be for the little guy. Ronald Reagan Obamacare repeal was supposed to be an easy lift. For seven years, every Republican in Washington pledged to repeal and replace the law that has greatly damaged our health care system.  Yet when it was time for a vote, […]