Month: November 2016

Mayors of Sanctuary Cities Who Flaunt Federal Law Should Be Arrested

The economic impact of illegal immigration on taxpayers is catastrophic. Ric Keller The United States is either a nation of people ruled by laws and Constitution, or we are a nation ruled by ideological tyrants. One example of this is the illegal protecting by “Sanctuary cities” of convicted criminals.   “It is time to start locking […]

Love Trumps Hate?

This past weekend, after this crazy election, I decided to rest and relax in Incline Village, NV. However, my rest and relaxation was rudely interrupted by two “Nasty Women:”  unhealthy and unhappy Hillary supporters. As I was sitting at the Hyatt hotel, in Incline Village, NV, watching college ball, they noticed my camouflage “Make America […]

Trumping Crazifornia: What Donald Trump Means for The Golden State

“Trump likes the UK, talks about his mother’s Scottish birth, owns golf courses here and is entirely comfortable with our culture. More importantly still, he supported Brexit and he says post-Brexit Britain will be at the front of the queue when it comes to trade relationships. What a pleasant change this will make from Obama […]

Michigan White Out

Pollsters and pundits have been saying all weekend that Michigan is in play because of the high number of non-college educated, middle class white voters. Really? That seems to ignore a huge problem for the Democrats if they actually believe that. Michigan is the least white of the big prizes in the rust-belt states. Lets […]

NeverTrumpers: Condescension is Not A Strategy

Bellyaching NeverTrumpers, that group of self-focused “Conservative intellectuals” and “thought leaders,” have done everything possible to sabotage GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign. Short sighted and childishly selfish, they could have helped the Republican nominee construct rock-solid conservative plans… if they were indeed, as Conservative as they profess. “By conservatives,’ I mean actual conservatives, the […]