Month: October 2016

Trump May Win Upside Down

It is fair to say that 2016 has been the oddest election season of my life and likely yours as well. Most people cannot remember a Presidential election with so many sharp turns and unexpected surprises. From Wikileaks to Access Hollywood to small hands and a fainting candidate is has been a roller coaster ride […]

OCR Endorsement of Prop 58 Bilingual Ed; A Case of White Guilt?

“To handle a language skillfully is to practice a kind of evocative sorcery.” ~Charles Baudelaire Language Immersion programs are the optimal approach to learn a language. This is never more evident than in the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA, a Department of Defense educational and research institution which provides linguistic and cultural instruction. They […]

Feminists: The Misandrists of Marxism

To call a man an animal is to flatter him;  he’s a machine, a walking dildo. Valerie Solanas American Radical Feminist. Author of SCUM Manifesto A Feminine Manifesto by Megan Barth and Katy Grimes   Foul-Mouthed, Filthy Feminists Radical feminism is an oppressive and rather brutal ideology that has vast cultural implications. With a goal […]

A Tale of Two Pus*ies

Madam, would you sleep with me for 5 million pounds? My goodness, Mr. Churchill! Well, I suppose…we would have to discuss terms, of course. Would you sleep with me for five pounds? Mr. Churchill! What kind of woman do you think I am?! Madam, we’ve already established that.  Now we are haggling price.   Politics […]

Gov. Jerry Brown and Democrats Undermining Law and Order, Dismantling California

Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent Isaac Asimov California’s capital city of Sacramento has a big problem: violent criminals are terrorizing Asian immigrants. City officials pride themselves on tolerance and diversity, but have responded with little more than political appeasement, leaving Asian communities afraid and vulnerable, and forcing them to take matters into their […]

Death of a Newsman

I have watched this unusual campaign season with an almost morbid curiosity at times. I have watched as newspapers plead with what few readers they have left to listen to their advice, to heed their harsh warnings. The papers are begging for relevance when in fact it is the very nature of their leftist editorial […]