Month: January 2016

The Conservative Commandos have Andrea Tantaros in their crosshairs

A smart girl leaves before she is left Marilyn Monroe Andrea Tantaros, cohost of Fox News’  “Outnumbered,” has been seemingly outnumbered by some conservative keyboard commandos because of her tweet during the GOP presidential debate and her following statement on her Facebook page: The conservative onslaught targeting Andrea can’t be measured on one hand or both […]

Et Tu, GOP?

  Betrayal is the only truth that sticks Arthur Miller The rise of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are a direct reflection of the anger and pain of the electorate and the capitulation of conservative principles by the GOP. The electorate and conservatives are demanding change, and the GOP, for the sake of saving the […]

First World Feminists Ignore Third World Rapists

There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women. Madeleine Albright Progressive feminists give us an insight into the twisted logic and rooted bigotry of feminism, their hypersensitivity to women-only issues, and a general loathing of men (unless these men are serial, sexual harassing, raping Democrats).  The political and pop-culture feminists […]

Dear Feminists: Grab your presidential kneepads. Safe Spaces don’t exist in a Clinton Whitehouse

Losers lose, winners win Cheaters cheat, and sinners sin. Dreamers dream, criers cry; Fools believe and Liars Lie.   Lee Ann Womack “Liars Lie” The year was 1998, and I can recall watching the Lewinsky scandal unfold, like it was yesterday. I grew up with Monica–not literally, but figuratively, and I remember my shock, disappointment […]