Month: March 2015

ICYMI: 12 Words for Hillary, Nukes and Jazz Hands for all!

Happy Sunday ya’ll. What a week. Personally and politically. But ReaganBaby ICYMI is about politics, so here’s the week wrap. Crazy foreign policy week when you sit back and watch: Nukes For All Kerry negotiates with the Mullahs of Iran.  You know those even-tempered, liberty-lovin’  folks over in the Middle East–nevermind that they have promised […]

Dear GOP: The Gender Gap? 1984 is calling. Pick Up The Phone.

Not since Ronald Reagan, has the GOP succeeded in capturing a majority of women voters. In every election since Ronald Reagan, Democrats have maintained a healthy 7-12 percent advantage in women voting for the Democrat in presidential elections.  How did Reagan secure the magic number of 56% of the women’s vote?  I would argue it […]

ICYMI: Racing Together with Cop Killers, Al Gore, Fat Kids, the Choom Gang and a Little Air Guitar

In case you missed it , I missed last Sunday.  Life will sometimes throw you a curve ball, but, not to worry, it wasn’t this bad:   So here is ICYMI: #RaceTogether Starbucks launched this campaign this week but lasted about as long as Howard Dean’s campaign for President.  Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, ended the barista movement this […]

Hillary Clinton and The Axis of Misogyny

Hillary Clinton may not be some “Tammy Wynette standing by her man,” but she certainly isn’t a feminist revolutionary like “Manal al-Sharif  or Wajeha al-Huwaider who are actively standing by their fellow women. Wajeah compares the plight of the Saudi women to slavery and after spending some brief time in the US, says she was influenced and […]

Another Time for Choosing

“Ladies and gentlemen, history has placed us at a fateful crossroads. We must now choose between two paths. One path leads to a bad deal that will at best curtail Iran’s nuclear ambitions for a while, but it will inexorably lead to a nuclear-armed Iran whose unbridled aggression will inevitably lead to war. The second […]


If you like your internet, you can’t keep your internet–according to the latest vote for “Net Neutrality” by the Obama FCC.  On February 26th, in a party line vote (3-2), and by direct encouragement from the White House, the FCC, headed by Chairman Tom Wheeler, has decided that the freedom and innovation the internet has […]